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The Broken Wing

By: Aurang Zaib

Human Society is like a bird with two striking wings which make the bird to look beautiful. Respectively the wings of a human society are male and female who make the society beautiful and contribute to meet the society with progress, innovation and development.

Therefore, one of the most primary reasons of the economic crises and institutional breakdown of Pakistan is the minimum role of women in national development. Women are forced to remain in the house walls and are compel to follow outdated and rigorous customs.

In Balochistan the literacy rate of Female is 25% as compare to the 55% of male. Economic sectors have been occupied by the male and women are economically depended. This dependency has worked to make female socially and politically less authorized and largely they are overlooked in social and political policies.

This unmerited behavior is much systematic in nature as those females who have access to educational institutions and have the chance to join the labor force and work for the nation, has been discriminated in a sense that no proper security has provided to them. Although it is said that security is a serious problem but targeting female institutions and discouraging them to go out is a separate case which makes a different sense.

Sardar Bahadur women university Quetta was attacked on June 2013 and more than 14 girls were killed and number of girls was extremely injured. In the Sariab region of Quetta where the militants of Ahl-e-Sunnat Wal-Jammat (ASWJ) wearing Arab garbs worked to prevent females from being out in the public. The residents of Punjgur district also claimed that a militant group known as Al-Furqan had threatened private schools for girls’ education.

In May 2015 two Christian girls were attacked with acid and were burnt out. Few days back four women from Hazara community were killed while traveling in a bus. The above facts tell us that the discrimination of women in Balochistan is not largely because of the cultural restrains but the failure of governments and formal institutions that contribute more than any other aspect.

Previous or new, all cases are going unchecked even no heed has been paid to eradicate such threats that is working to exploit women and even to ruin their lives. As society belongs to both, female and man so it is impossible to dream for a healthy society without the participation of women as women are the primary stakeholder of any society and their concerns are crucial for a functional society.

The writer is student of BS Sociology University of Gujrat

Published in The Balochistan Point on October 10, 2016

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