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The Fates of Prisoners

The virus, n-Covid19 has become a pandemic problem which has taken the lives of thousands of people in only four months, has also become a serious threat to the prisoners. Those who are free may stay safe because they can stay far from others and can also apply the preventive measures but what about the prisoners who cannot even walk without permission? Unquestionably, if a single prisoner gets affected by the virus will transmit in a chain to thousands. On the other hand, the prisons are laden with detainees. Now here a question arises, did or does the governments think over it?

The lives of prisoners seem to be in dangers in the jails, as being the citizens of the country, the concerned authorities must think over it as the world did to protect the detainees from the fatal virus.

Parvez Moula Bakhsh, Malir, Karachi.

Published in the Balochistan Point, 15/04/2020

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