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The ghettoized part

By: Syed Aurang Zaib

Syed Aurang ZaibInstitutions make a society run and have very obvious effects on the overall performance and stability of any country. One of the major issues that Pakistan carries is the institutional uncertainty and nauseating shift in balance of power, in Pakistan, Institutions are systematically made segregated in order to run rigorously. For instance, the daily corruption rate of Pakistan is 20 billion and on average the annual rate of the corruption is 7300 billion. This is not solely because of the failed management but also of the recognized appreciation of corruption at each level. Corruption was analytically injected in Pakistani society by the early stakeholders in order to make the system workable and now it became a wont.

In each federating units, corruption is an absolute phenomena but it is found with different dynamics. For instance, Rs. 730 million was recovered from the Balochistan Finance Secretary Mushtaq Ahmed Raisani on the other hand 10 out of 20 districts that are living in malnutrition belong to Balochistan.

Musharraf, as Ayesha Sadaqa has mentioned in her book ‘Military inc’,  that he attempted to discourage political behavior and sustainability of the country by establishing organizations like National Accountability Bureau (NAB) in order to punish those politicians but no one in NAB dares to talk about his flats in London and Dubai, of approximately 20 crore price of each.  Musharraf’s flats in Karachi, Islamabad, Lahore and Gwadar are worth crore. It is also stated alleged that he has 7 banks accounts in Pakistan and Dubai. He had a total sum of 645 million but did not pay the tax in last three years.

These are the examples that how institutions are being systematically segregated and made bumped. The issue is even more serious in Balochistan where institutions are not relatively but unequivocally failed and are going out of the way.

On national level governments spends a million of dollars in order to propagate ‘Anti corruption movement’, on the other hand they are also found on the peak of any leak. This is not only vexing but coercive as well. Education, poverty, hunger, unemployment are the core issues that are ever neglected. As the matter of fact, Balochistan just has 2 medical colleges as compare to the 55 of Punjab, 23, 4 and 17 of Sindh AKJ and KPK respectively.

In Balochistan where poverty is at peak with 80 percent and there is no structure to cope with the basic health and educational issues. Billions of rupees have been seized from wash rooms of a minister. Such matters are exceeding the uncertainty and diverting people. If these issues go unchecked than it will bring the country to harsh place as already it is losing dominant spheres.

Published in The Balochistan Point on January 18, 2017

Disclaimer: Views expressed in this article are those of the writer and The Balochistan Point not necessarily agrees with them

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