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The oppressed Baloch pupils of Quaid Azam University Islamabad

By: Shafiq Zaib Baloch

Balochistan is the richest province as to its natural resources but very poor owing to its mismanagement. Since ages, the masses of this province are confronting a number of tribulations. Such as education, health and many more conundrums have become the fate of the denizens of this province.

Balochistan is considered as the black hole of the country where education is vanished from its soil. The people of this province have been neglected after the partition of the sub-continent. No doubt, the strong powers always tried their level best to create bias and hate between Baloch and Pashtun nations but both nations foiled their abortive designs and joined hands together for the flawless future of their upcoming generations.

Currently, the youth of both nations are mired in multiple complexities and deprive of their cardinal rights. As said by the wise man, if you want to destroy any nation so destroy its education system first. Ironically, such awkward policies are being applied on both nations. Where justice screams, cruelty rules. Students are considered as the building blocks of the state but neglecting persistently in the country.

Balochistan seems very far from the race of education as compare to other provinces. The education system of Balochistan portrays a dismal picture of education. Similarly, majority pupils are exhausted owing to the hellish policies of administration in the boundaries of the education. Majority pupils threw their books and burnt their educational document, and some of them are compelled to leave towards neighbor provinces. The entrance of forces in the institutions is one of the speechless policies of our lawmakers. Seeing that, the possibility of getting education under the shadow of weapons is questioned.

The Quaid-i-Azam University (QAU) is one of the well-known universities in the list of Asian universities and the pupils of the all provinces are getting education in the said university and even the foreigners are part of this university. From few decades, a ray of favoritism and bigotry is ruling in the territory of QAU against pupils of Balochistan.

Surprisingly, the doors of QAU have been clogged merely for Baloch and Pashtun students and without any justification and recently the students were expelled from the university. They were attacked by police when they were peacefully protesting for their educational rights and dozens of students were injured and many of them were arrested. The white pages of their books colored with red and their pens were crumbled under the shoes of the police.

The boggled incident compelled me to think about the well said line of a proficient figure, “Pen is more powerful than swords” but I oppose. Which article of the Constitution of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan proclaims that attacks or arrests the denizens of the state without any declaration.

Media is considered as the mirror of the world but now it has become voiceless and unauthorized, however, in our country the silence of media on the conundrum of the QAU shows a drastic message of favoritism. Also, the voices of oppressed students did not echo in the deaf ears of the parliamentarian leaders. This is a high time, all educationists, philanthropist and diplomats to must come forward and save the future of new generation.

The writer haild from Nushki.He is M.Phil student at University of Balochistan.

Published in The Balochistan Point on November 9, 2017

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