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The main problems in Balochistan

By: Munaj Gul Baloch

Balochistan is one of the elite resources province, but still facing a lot of problems and has undergone a variety of crisis. These issues could easily be solved but due to the lack of attention from our government problems are rising day by day in place of decreasing. In the province people are in deep water to face these kind of crummy problem.There are some problems by them plenty of people are being disappointed to live and pass a luxurious life and most of them are in hot water to survive.

It is astonishing that Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) is considered to be a game changer which is poised to boost development and helps the citizens of the province to live in prosperous lives, but still Balochistan is confronted by serious pros and cons such as electricity crisis , extreme water shortage, lack of hospitals, menace of joblessness, poverty, drugs culture, lack of educational development and so forth.

Government has failed miserably to take timely measures and eliminate the chronic issues which are rendering the life miserable for the citizens.

(1) Electricity crisis:-
Electricity crisis has become a jumbo problem for the residents of Balochistan people are facing many difficulties especially, the students who are unable to study due to the frequent power outages and small children are also not bearing this harsh weather season. The service department lacks sense of duty and they don’t deem about these children and students who are suffering from this problem.

(2) Menace of Unemployment:-Unemployment is defined that a person who does not have a work to earn his livelihood is called an unemployed person.Unemployment is a universal problem that everyone faces. In the province many educated people are jobless and wondering here and there to find jobs for them. Almost 14 per cent of our youths aged between 15-24 years are unemployed.

There are approximately 25,000 professions in a modern economy, while in Pakistan hardly a fraction of these professions have been tapped.

This is very dangerous that thousands of young girls and boys are holding their master’s degrees but are without jobs. There are numerous doctors, engineers, scientists, teachers who are having their degrees in their hands but unfortunately, they are out of job.

Unemployment has plenty of ominous effects upon the progress of the country, because unemployed people cannot take part in the development of the society or the country.

(3) Drug Culture in Balochistan:-
Drug culture is becoming a new trend for the Baloch youth and spoiling their splendid lives. Nowadays it is considered to be a status symbol among the youth and people. It is the most lethal and ominous habits for citizens and one who is victim of it.

Sheesha bars and clubs are common in economically well-off quarters. Moreover, in posh areas, taverns and bars are very common. This changing culture is actually a symbol of danger for the upcoming generation as it is promoting the disaster of social values and culture.

In Balochistan plenty of youngsters’ lives are being destroyed and their life is meaningless.Banning and protesting is not the solution for this problem since we first have to come over it and control it.

(4) Lack of libraries;-
No doubt, Libraries are very beneficial source of spreading knowledge and awareness. They are very essential tool for students in studies and research in any filed. Libraries are very helpful in creating a splendid reading culture and promoting the value of knowledge and books. But most of the area in the province are deprived of public libraries. That is the government duity to establish libraries therefore people should gain knowledge without any educational deplorability.

many areas of Balochistan have been facing acute shortage of water but no remedial measures have been taken yet. In the holy month of Ramdan people were compelled to walked from miles for searching water.

According to the reports 62% of Balochistan is deprived of safe during water and more than 58% of it’s land is unculativable due to water scarcity. It makes us really woegone that always people of Balochistan are left to suffer. They are deprived of electricity, water, nutritious food, healthcare facilities, education and many more to name them, but water shortage is the main problem because of it no one can survive.While the government is trying to build a world-class port in Gwadar but it remains deprived of water and electricity. Ankara Kaur Dam was close to drying up because it’s catchment areas had not received rains water for many years. And it is a commonplace that most of families buy water from the supplying tankers, which directly collect water from springs or streams and sell it to the needy families without purification.

(6) Poverty in Balochistan:-
Balochistan faces many serious problems, with poverty being the most significant one. This grave problem could be the biggest cause of violence and illiteracy in the province. Despite being the lowest populated province in the country, more than 52 percent of its population lives below the poverty line and nearly one-third of its population is unemployed. Even more alarming is the literacy rate, which is around 29 percent, while the female primary school enrollment is even lower at a mere 20 percent.

Balochistan still lacks an industrial base, and probably the single biggest cause of unemployment in the province. There are plenty of natural recourses in the province. Gas was discovered in Balochistan in 1952 but still many of its districts remain deprived from gas transmission facility.

The writer is a student of Bsc in Atta Shad Degree College Turbat.

Published in The Balochistan Point on July 15, 2017

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