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Traffic accidents in Balochistan

By: Afsa Hidayat Jaam     

World Health Organization (WHO) reports that average 15000-16000 people die annually due to of road accidents. It is also a fact that the people loss their loved ones due to large number of traffic accidents in Balochistan.  

Nowadays the most depressing issue that travelers are facing is spreading incidents of road accidents on 700-kilometre-long Quetta-Karachi highway. The over-speeding, frequent lane changing and passes from one way and increasing influx of heavy vehicles are the causes of these accidents which are occurring day by day, as well as the carelessness of drivers such as using cell phones causes that sort of incident.

The another problem is that of shortcut way to Sindh from Khuzdar crossed through Wangu hills. The main road of Wangu is very dangerous to travel through it. Nevertheless, it is named as the most dangerous road in Pakistan. The road goes through the upper hills from where the large number of transports travel.

In the recent years, Balochistan has lost number of innocent people due to such incidents through the worst condition of roads in Balochistan.  According to the request of these citizens that Wangu needs safety wall brinks to be safe from dangerous hills.   

The government should play its vital role to cover the road phases in a good condition and to save the precious lives from danger.  Almost 42% cases involve pedestrians and one-way road, the responsible should make people aware through arranging seminars and workshops. The use of vehicles light and horns in night time, wearing seat belt, well use of vehicles mirror, avoid over speeding and proper understanding of handling crisis situation.

Traffic safety education plays an important role in shaping the attitudes and behaviors of young people and children ensuring they become responsible drivers, passengers, pedestrians and cyclists.

The CM Balochistan Sardar Jaam Kamal Khan and the concerned authorities are requested to improve the worst condition of roads and main R.C.D from Quetta to Karachi. It is high time that the government should play its vital role in resolving the problems of traffic mess on the roads.

Published in The Balochistan Point on December 7, 2018

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