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University of Balochistan: An Institute of Ambiguity

By: Aziz Ejaz

University of Balochistan since its inception till today proved to be one of the educational institutes to have hand of firm portrayal to remain in distresses of failure. It is misfortune of the people of Balochistan who have always shown great enthusiasm in learning but despite of their whole-heartedly aspirations the only higher university left inattentive by daydreaming defenders of the education and politically approachable people of the province and federal.

Many times obligation of making the University of Balochistan worse has been placed on the influence of political student organizations but apparently insufficient consideration of the institute’s administration let untouched.

It is meanwhile a fact of sincerity that the student organizations did nothing for the only University of Balochistan in spite of making the image of it entirely obnoxious by their policy of having some influential effects in past. However, the situations are now utterly transformed as comparing with past. Here and now, the University of Balochistan has been decorated stunningly from inside and outside and the infrastructure now seems much and more gorgeous than before but It remains another edge of the reality that the budget of it has been dynamically increased from the sake of the failure students (who annually appear in the exams of  Bachelor, Master and others)   and new comers (who take admissions) on behalf of whom continually submission of a bomb of money, the University of Balochistan successfully achieved a series of milestones to make the security of the only institute tight and alert by standing up enormous gates after gates inside the boundary and elsewhere.

It is incomprehensible to the administrator that why the student organizations are getting so possessiveness to call for strike against the Vice Chancellor of University of Balochistan, who has triumphantly did such an enormous achievement to brought it higher in the ranking? Not a matter, it couldn’t show eagerness to complete a recruitment procedure of the lecturers for almost two years for various institute and departments. It is also not an issue, how inadequately it did to facilitate the three thousand scholars (MPhil and PhD) to have their degrees on the time in their hands, though making papers to be published in registered journal obligatory or else the research will not be accepted. To be pointed out this rule only remained persistent to University of Balochistan. 

One more prize able work achieved was the hostel of university which has been made a place where knocking doors of the student’s room was prohibited after 11Pm and the students were strictly warned to not come out from their rooms even the bathrooms entry was proscribed otherwise having a slight misunderstanding while having seen out bullets can be fired from anywhere as for as the security tightness is concerned.

Now, hopefully the semester system has been launched by grace of having inadequate facilities in all faculties in terms of teachers’ staff, laboratories, computer labs, chemicals, scientific instruments etc. But don’t worry the underprivileged natives of the wealthy province you can surely afford paying more than fifty thousand for two years courses on subsidy of which all can be fulfilled and if it becomes possible this time university will provide the desirous students the internet facility which the previous students unluckily couldn’t avail regardless of very tall promises in every year that left.

Having all the issues to be highlighted, no doubt freedom of expression is globally a fundamental privilege of the people which should never be suppressed, but how is it fair to demand for easiness of the students to decrease the heavenly talking admission fees, hostel fees, etc.  So, all those students and organizations demanding for their legal demands to be accepted are no more tolerable and their rewards are to be put imprisoned as the administrator of university did with students on Friday’s morning strike in the premises of University of Balochistan.

It is an unpleasant sort of act which can suit for illegal demands not for the peaceful strikes of the students who are crying to report they cannot afford to submit such a gigantic fee. Consequently, this indicates ‘’one man one rule’’ which is transparently a sort of failure that the administrator of University of Balochistan testified. 

Published in The Balochistan Point on April 1,2017

Disclaimer: The views expressed in this article are those of the author and The Balochistan Point does not necessarily agree with them.

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