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University of Balochistan on the Brink of Difficulties

Aziz Ejaz

University of Balochistan since its formation date has been functioning in a way that looks to be wrapped up by some undeniable fundamental teething troubles. Those all bottlenecks seem to be yet not solved by the timely administration who always claims for lanky promises of bringing it into a position of satisfaction.

The difficulties University of Balochistan faces are   actually numerous. The problem of academic staff’s recruitment, staff irresponsibility, menace of cheating culture, ineffectiveness the examination branch,  late result declaration and prolonged duration of semesters’ courses, student’s irresponsibility due to departmental staff weakness, administrative irregularities and furthermore.

To begin with, if a University is incapable of recruiting its teaching staff, so it  seems to be operating in darkness because a University cannot develop until it has no   teaching staff in its department functioning accordingly to the necessities. The most outstanding example to be quoted, this failure can be counted up as in the last year in the month of February UoB conducted the tests of lecturer’s recruitment through National Testing Service (NTS) but surprisingly up till now the recruitment has been unable to finalize the overall procedure. Within a complete year if a University’s ineffectiveness is daunting perhaps shows its failures in all other fields disparagingly.

Another jeopardy to be added on the fire is that nepotism and favoritism, that has been a part of its selection proceedings from the scratch whether that is the position of a gardener or an officer. It is a well-known fact that to be entered in the mainstream of University of Balochistan requires strong back from any side most often politically.

I need not to go ahead in this peril but to exemplify some authentic ascertains surely seems obligatory to be highlighted. In year 2015, Bakht Zareen, a teacher of Botany department and  daughter of a provincial minister was promoted from grade 17 to 18 overnights. Bakht Zareen was promoted from 17 grade pay scale on Ad Hoc basis to grade 18 as a regular teacher.

Another specimen is of a female teacher in Geography department Nargis Baloch has been twice terminated on the position of a regular teacher because she has  no source from the politicians and bureaucrats. Additionally another female teacher Kalsoom Baloch, in Biochemistry department has been working since last eight years on the basis of daily remunerations. Kalsoom Baloch has not been selected as a permanent staff member meanwhile her colleagues have been selected as regular staff members.

Nargis Baloch has been twice terminated on the position of a regular teacher because she has  no source from the politicians and bureaucrats.

Such issues are many which declare how operational the only University of province is:

Staff negligence is one of the most burning issues of UoB.  Some staff members of all arenas direct or indirect have access to any step that leads to its deterioration. Teacher’s absences and unwillingness to teach the students properly seems to be one of the most aggravating issues.

Another peril to UoB’s dissatisfaction is cheating culture which has been a gigantic holdup. Students don’t pay attention to their studies as they think by cheating in exams all will be good. The examination branch of UoB has yet not taken any swift action to halt this cancerous culture and students having firm approach can as well make their papers outstanding even without taking the papers.

Ineffectiveness of examination branch led UoB to lose billions of rupees during the examinations of Bachelor and Master. Certain factors such as involvement of staff members with some concerned student’s organization have been found in dozens of corruption cases. But they have been still given free hands to do so.

Ineffectiveness of examination branch led UoB to lose billions of rupees during the examinations of Bachelor and Master.

Semester courses in UoB have been utterly failed as a program of two years studies takes four to five years for completion. Administration seems incapable of handling it and this has spoiled the reputation of UoB. Students often complain and show their reservations regarding this failure. Teacher’s irregularities and absence had created an environment of uncertainty among the students.

University of Balochistan has not produced a motivational environment yet that stimulates the students. The sense of extra curriculum activities and competition proceedings have just flown up from it. Students are not being awarded scholarships and those students who get positions and declared gold medalists have indeterminate futures.

There are many complications being confronted by UoB but in simple juncture above mentioned are very ultimate issues which by the edge of way out can solve the prime hurdles.

Last but not least, all these issues are malignant ahead of UoB development. Its administration is not taking prompt action in diminishing the discontents of failure. So such abundant irregularities which need to settle down are enforced to be handled as soon as possible for sake of thousands of students and educational reputation of University of Balochistan.

Published in The Balochistan Point on March 11, 2016


Disclaimer: The views expressed in this article are those of the author and The Balochistan Point does not necessarily agree with them


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