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Vision 2025: Towards a Better Pakistan

By Shehzad Qaisar  

According to CIA World Fact Book “Pakistan remains stuck in a low-income, low-growth trap, with growth averaging about 3.5% per year from 2008 to 2013 which was Ex-President Asif Ali Zardari regime in Pakistan. Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz government inherited many challenges to must address long standing issues related to government revenues and energy production in order to spur the amount of economic growth that will be necessary to employ its growing and rapidly urbanizing population. Other long term challenges include expanding investment in education and healthcare, adapting to the effects of climate change and natural disasters, and reducing dependence on foreign donors.

Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz cabinet took the oath when Khyber Pakhtunkhwa was bombing in the war of terrorism which we imposed on our countrymen by Pervez Musharf’s decisionto bow down in the line of fire which shaken economic foundation of Pakistan and gave birth to many terrorists in reaction of counter terrorism attacks. Baluchistan was igniting in insurgencies due to feelings of deprivation in the Baloch tribes and Baloch insurgents were raising their voice for their rights and for their beloved missing persons. Karachi the economic hub of Pakistan was weeping over the mutilated dead bodies of his citizens while lords of his soil was ruling all the provinces and Punjab was formulating merit policies and delivering laptop to his young students.

Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz achieved heavy mandate in general election 2013 but in spite of having the authority to formulate PMLN government in more than two provinces, party leadership preferred to split the power in all democratic parties according to their mandate. Baluchistan was handed over to Baloch nationalist Muhammad Malick where anti state sentiment was growing up due to deprivations. Khyber Pakhtunkhwa was assigned to Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf’sPervez Khattak according to their mandate.Pakistan People Party and MuttahidaQuami Movement were allowed to rule the Sindh and Pakistan Muslim League came in to chairs to govern the Punjab and Federal.

Since the begging of his rule Nawaz government with his expert team putting all his efforts day in and day out for social capital growth,  economic development, institutional reforms, infrastructural expansion and rule of law implementation with a future vision to achieve global millennium development goals.

All the core team worked hard to design the objectives of Nawaz government entitled as vision 2025 which is going to be launched soon. Vision 2025 is framed around the seven main pillars like

PuttingPeopleFirst:Developing Human andSocial Capital: covers education, highereducation, population, health, youth, genderequality and womendevelopment, inclusionofvulnerable segments, interfaithharmony andreligiousdiversity, art, culture& heritage, sports and ethical andvaluesdrivensociety.

Achieving Sustained, Indigenous andInclusive Growth: includes macroeconomic framework, productivity growth, strategic initiatives, formalizing the parallel economy, resource mobilization, urban development and smart cities and social protection framework.

Governance, Institutional Reform&Modernization ofthe Public Sector: encompasses the governance framework, enabling the private sector, high performance & fast governance for the future and civil service reforms.

Energy, Water &FoodSecurity: covers energy, integrated energy development model, energy efficiency, water, food security, nutrition and climate change.

PrivateSector& EntrepreneurshipLedGrowth: includes strengthening institutions, removing infrastructure bottlenecks, macro-economic stability, privatization, public private partnership (ppp), encouraging investment and small and medium enterprises.

Developing a Competitive Knowledge Economy through Value Addition: includes firm commitment to enhancing competitiveness, fixing the basics for a healthy and educated workforce, laying the foundations of a knowledge economy, increasing goods market efficiency, increasing labour market efficiency, greater financial market sophistication, information and communication technology, tapping large domestic and regional market size, cluster based development, value chain improvements, driving innovation, technology parks and business incubation centers, applying knowledge for increased productivity in agriculture, increasing competitiveness of industry and manufacturing, tapping natural endowments in mining and minerals and increasing competitiveness in the services sector.

Modernizing Transportation Infrastructure&Greater Regional Connectivity: includes roads, railways, aviation, ports, Pakistan’s regional connectivity potential, opportunities for realizing the vision and China-Pakistan economic corridor.

All the core team is striving to achieve the objectives of vision 2025 keeping in view the priority areas, to facilitate local and international investors to invest and plant alternative energy plants to gear up our sick industries, to create enabling atmosphere to sustainable growth rate all over the country without gender and geographic discrimination, to generate new business and job opportunities by modernization of existing infrastructure with the help of public private partnership, improving competitiveness in industry and trade sector,  opening economic corridor for global business communities to invest in Pakistan to improve our falling economies.

It is an eye opener for all responsible citizens of this Pak Land that in two dictators regimes we are put in to game of bomb and blood, first time when we were used as to manufacture Mujahidins to fight with infidels all over the globe, especially to disintegrate power of Soviet Union and second time we were put into War of Terrorism to safeguard the heinous designs of war mongers for their corporate objectives and during ruling era of Pakistan People’s Party we lost East Pakistan to fulfill the dream of rule.

It is time to stand with Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz government because Pakistan cannot afford any more killings in the name of revolution, no more marches in the name of change and no more coup d’état on democracy in the name of national interest. We all should believe in the continuity of the democratic process for institutional maturity and organization growth and to put all our efforts for a better Pakistan in future.

Published in The Balochistan Point on July 23, 2014

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