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Workshop Emphasizes Effective Disaster Risk Reduction Plan

Adnan Aamir

Quetta : Consultative workshop held in Quetta Press Club emphasized on formulation of effective disaster risk reduction plans for Balochistan, on Thursday.

Consultative workshop was held by Civil Society Balochistan and Health and Nutrition Society (HnNuts) in collaboration with Action Aid and Provincial Disaster Management Authority (PDMA).

Zahid Mengal, executive director of Azat Foundation, discussed the disaster prone situation in Balochistan. He said that Balochistan has suffered 9 major disasters n last 9 years.

Mr. Mengal criticized PDMA for its lack of interest in helping the drought affect regions of Balochistan. “PDMA has recently issued a tender of procurement of equipment, which is valued Rs. 600 million, but it does not have funds for drought affected regions,” lamented Executive Director of Azat Foundation.

Mr. Mengal urged the forum to pressurize PDMA into helping people of drought affected areas of Balochistan.

PDMA has recently issued a tender of procurement of equipment which is valued Rs. 600 million but it does not have funds for drought affected regions – Zahid Mengal.

Criticizing the disaster management capacity of government, Convener of Civil Society Balochistan Sami Zarkoon said that Awaran disaster was mishandled due to lack of capacity of government.

Imdad Baloch of HnNuts suggested that Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) must prepare disaster risk reduction plans in their home districts to help PDMA.

Sana Durrani, chairperson of Today’s Women Organization, expressed her observation that public is not consulted in making policies for public and it’s the root cause of all problems.

Rasheed Shah, representative of National Humanitarian Network (NHN), introduced NHN and described its role in disaster risk reduction.

“There are just 8 to 10 members of NHN in other provinces and in Balochistan we have 75 members,” claimed Mr. Shah.

Sumera Mehboob of Movement for Rational Change (MERC) told the participants that NHN is open for membership and all organizations can become its members.

Hubdar Ali of IDSP said that accountability of CSOs is must in context of Balochistan.

All participants of the workshop unanimously urged NHN to hold a provincial level meeting to answer the concerns of different stakeholders about NHN.

PDMA was criticized by the participants of the workshop for not attending the event despite being invited multiple times.

Sami Zarkoon delivered the concluding note and thanked all members for participating in the workshop.

Published in The Balochistan Point on January 2, 2015

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