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Yes, I lost Pakistan Engineering Council

By: Engr Saeed Ahmed Jattak

It is really hard to express and estimate someone’s feeling and life until you go through it. Starting an academic career being as a child and dreaming to touch the sky, ambition to serve the nation, planning to develop the country with his tiny powerful mind, trying to explore the discoveries and anxious to be part of inventive world. Convincing younger and assume elders that he would be the future leader with his career achieved struggles.  

Besides these all, the present circumstances are contrary to the imagination. The status of Mr. Muhammad Umar Altaf an Electrical Engineer, graduated from University of Management and Technology, Lahore, Punjab securing 3.44 CGPA and Master from northwest Polytechnical University securing 84%, has exposed the Performance of Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC) on social media and forced to think, reshape and deliver for Engineers in real.

Achieving a professional degree with eagerly collection of ideas from almost 42 to 50 technical books a man in crisis Engr. Muhammad Umar Altaf on social media (facebook) posted his pictures by loading and unloading the bricks and rising the victory symbol by saying Pakistan Engineering Council that he has got a job. His suspicious smile indicates the reward he gained is more high than his expectations. It is very painful for Engineers working hard and achieving higher degrees from local and foreign Universities and having no any employment opportunities tend to show the dummy character of chairman Pakistan Engineering Council.

Examining the past status of the Pakistan Engineering Council professing to produce numerous abroad business openings for Engineers deem to become false as Engr. Umar’s demonstration is a slap on the substance of Pakistan Engineering Council. The Engineers lament the strategies being executed by the Pakistan Engineering Council professional and individuals.

It is matter of great concern that the architectures of future are being ruined having no any service structure, no any proper facilities in local and international level, no technical institutions providing practical training to furnish and flourish the technical skills of Engineers after graduation and even no specialized internships. The Engineers demand to fulfill the necessary need of professional and registered Engineers and create job opportunities with service structure on as early as possible basis otherwise Engineers will set their policy before the Pakistan Engineering Council and government of Pakistan and move ahead for further strict strategies.  

The Engineering Association all over Pakistan are divided, they need to be on one page to fight for their fundamental rights. Otherwise It would hurt the Engineering Community being competitive and having no rewards. It will have destroyed not only the Engineers but also the professional Engineering departments working for the development of Pakistan.

Engr Muhammad Umar Altaf has lost the all hopes by saying from core of his broken heart to the Pakistan Engineering Council and the Government of Pakistan that he has lost.  It is very true not only Engr. Umar lost but the whole Engineering Community has lost their hopes. I request to the higher Authority including government to take this issue in their consideration and bring solution to it.

Published in The Balochistan Point on September 17, 2018

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