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Your first responsibility is “To educate yourself”

By: Daud Khan

The leading job of a good teacher is to push his students to do best in their studies. Because “A Great teacher does not give knowledge, he awakens the thirst for knowledge.” For the reason it is important to focus on the following to achieve dreams:

Importance of learning:
We human beings are learning creature so we have to modernize ourselves with relevant knowledge on daily bases. The more we learn the more we discover ourselves. Unfortunately now days we are less focus on learning and more on entertainment so there is urgency to set our priorities right.

Character building:
Character building is very necessary for our youth to transform their life and make them extraordinary professionals by discovering their full potential. They should be well equipped with those strong qualities which can serve them throughout their life with excellence and determination.

“Let him move himself first who wants to move the world.” (Socrates) You have to lead yourself if you want to become a leader. You have to set example for others. You must have your own clear vision and courage to follow your own path.

Importance of Goal Settings:
If you want to go anywhere in your life, you have to set your location right, you have to set specific goals to achieve them. You have to write them on paper so you can touch them and feel them as a real thing.

Time management skills:
“If you want to manage yourself, manage your time.” Time management is very important in personal and professional life. That’s the skills every individual should have to improve his capacity building and make best use of his resources.

The 100% Formula of Success in any field: Hardwork: 30%, Skills: 20% and Honesty: 50%

Published in The Balochistan Point on November 16, 2017

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