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Zahid Baloch, the Chairman of BSO-Azad abducted

Karachi: Zahid Kurd Baloch aka Baloch Khan, the chairman of Baloch student organization – Azad has been abducted from Quetta on 18th of March 2014.

BSO-Azad’s senior vice chairperson while addressing a press conference has said, Pakistani secret agencies and security forces abducted organization’s Chairman, Zahid Baloch aka Baloch Khan from Quetta on March 18, 2014 at 5pm.

Vice Chairperson said that she herself and three other senior members of organization were eyewitnesses of the incident, when Pakistani security forces whisked away Chairman Zahid Baloch.

She expressed deep concern about Zahid Baloch’s safety. His life is under serious threat, she added.

BSO-Azad has decided to sit on a hunger strike till death protest against the abduction of their leader outside Karachi press club. The protest will continue until the safe recovery of Zahid Baloch.

Published in the Balochistan Point on April 23, 2014

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