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A legendary man: Ismail Yaqoob

By: Nawaz Nigwari

Sometimes we become compel to admire such great personality who deserves for it. An admiration comes when someone does something positive for the society, his nation and whose name will be remain in a corner of the page. It is said that life is too short, but it depends on us that how to pass it.  The world remembers those who leave something for the upcoming generation. A generation pass it to the next generation. This journey will be continued when it reaches its last destination. The world is full of many people, but some people compel the next person to appreciate them.

Ismail Yaqoob, a legendary man who has been working on education system of his areas children for a long time. It is stated that children are considered as the future of the nation. A nation gets progress when its children get education. Mr. Smail Baloch is lived in Paliri, a nearest area of district Gwader. Mr. Yaqoob is also disable from his one leg. Once who met an accident and now he has an artificial leg never felt loneliness. But, still supporting his local children to make their bright future.

 According to him, he has been working to provide books to the children which are  related to  history, literature, course books, and other relevant subjects regarding various topics.

 ” I have been running a camel library continuously along with a committee member since 2020, as well as the books which are given to the children, I kept them on the camel to ride it from  one place to another,” he explained.

” Before we were two members, but after a year, some other friends joined our journey and we made our steps easy to work jointly for the regions,” he said.

Furthermore, he stated that they also inaugurated some educational centers  such as arts center where the female and male members have been running the institutions to educate freely to  poor children, to provide note-books, pencil, books and other relevant materials  which is a source of helping.

” We have not received any support from government side and we have been taking the whole responsibilities by our own help,” he pointed out.

Besides, it is observed that Balochistan is considered as the richest and poorest province of Pakistan regarding its natural resources as gold, gases, metal, silver, and other valuable things. But, unfortunately, the children of Balochistan are still deprived from the basic necessities. If the government spends the resources on education system, then there  the youths pass a prosperous life and. But nothing is done yet positively by government side.

He says that once he watched a video on social media that shows someone is ruining a camel library to provide books to the poor children, then he also dreamed  and thought to create these  kind of social activities and took a camel to put books on it, and ride it in the regions of Gwader to provide books.

After some month, a called received from the members of BAMSAR, (an institution in Gwader) to cooperate them. Then the head of BAMSAR for donating   books as well as took the responsibility of traveling allowance of camel. However, after that, the members of BAMSAR institution, didn’t support them and ran the camel library by their own support.

In other words, he also mentioned that they conduct various programs in different schools in the surrounding of Paliri, in the name of Camel Library Committee to encourage children to performance dramas, ,   to share poetries, sing songs, share  naths, and another events for their motivation, appreciation, leadership.

 The teams that works as camel library, which involves about 8 members, who are leading at least 15 areas of district Gwader to support the destitute children and make their lives pasture.

 It is mentioned that Mr. Smail Baloch’s effort needs appreciation along his members they have been working on education of the surrounding of Gwader to make the future of poor children to lead their path in a positive destination as well as the government must to assist Mr. Ismail with his colleagues for their appreciable steps.

Published in The Balochistan Point on February 13, 2023

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