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Hajira: 13 Year Old Cancer Patient Needs Help

Adnan Aamir Quetta – Hajira, a 13 year old patient, who belongs from Kharan district needs financial help for treatment of blood caner. Hajira comes from an under-privileged family of Kharan district and her father sells commodities on a man-push cart to earn his livelihood, mother of Hajira told Balochistan Point. Hajira got seriously ill couple of months back and ...

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Letter: Irresponsible Use of Social Media in Kharan

Use of Internet and mobile technologies for interactive social networking is called social media. In Kharan some of the people are using social media tools such as twitter and Facebook as a joke. They imagine that they’re working as news editors and giving fast and free news without any charge to the people and solving the issues which are faced ...

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Right To Know

Abid Shaizad Every human being, whether belongs from an urban or rural area, from Punjab or Kharan has the right to know. There are no bounds and rules that prohibit or disallow someone to know something. Man should be curious and quench thirst of knowing something. Today, most of the people don’t know the worth of their vote and its ...

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Kharan: Stronghold Of Problems

Abid Shaizad Once I was travelling to Punjab, my fellow passenger was talking about the performance of the Punjabi leaders. When we passed through a city, he said a General from this city has made hospitals, colleges and currently doing many social works in his city. When another city we reached again he said that a justice of Lahore High ...

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Letter: Students Of Kharan Still Awaiting Books

Educational crisis in Balochistan has never been as serious as it is during the current educational emergency. It is disappointing to reveal that matriculate students of Kharan have not yet received their books from government. Matric classes started from 1st of April this year. Currently 1500 hundred students are enrolled in high schools of Kharan. Majority of them belong to ...

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