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Democracy should not fail to resolve Baloch missing persons’ issue 

 By: Yousaf Ajab Baloch Balochistan Home Minister Mir Zia Langove has assured that the issue of Baloch missing persons will be resolved in the next three months. He expressed his assurance on Sunday while visiting a protest camp set up by relatives of Baloch missing persons in Quetta.  Talking to the media Mir Zia Langove said that they did not ...

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Administratively disowned juniper forest of Harboi

By: Yousaf Ajab Baloch Abdul Slam, 42, is one of the hundreds of wood cutters who regularly chop juniper trees from mountains of Harboi located in Kalat district of Balochistan, one of the rare and centuries’ old forests in the world. Slam is least aware if he is chopping down what may otherwise be a biosphere reserve and cultural treasure ...

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Innocence Handcuffed: Juvenile justice system in Balochistan

By:  Masmoom Shahwani QUETTA: He is only 14 but moved to courthouse in a prisoner delivery van along with other hardened criminals for bail. Peeping from the wire meshed window of the van, he can watch the uniformed school children of his age walking to schools with books in hand, bags slinging down the shoulders and faces shinning. However, tears ...

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