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Women In Baloch Society

Hanif Dilmurad The word Women, comprising of five alphabets, has a lot of meanings in different societies. When green revolution ended the authority of women diminished and with the help of Religion and social laws role of women was minimized in different societies. At the same time in other civilizations she gained the name of Goddess. However some societies still ...

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UET Lahore: Objectives Resolution Of Baloch Council Presented

Lahore – Objectives Resolution of Baloch Council of University of Engineering and Technology (UET) Lahore was presented, on Monday. Objectives resolution was presented on the occasion of farewell party of 2011 session of UET. Baloch Council UET Lahore alumni members Zakir Kannar Baloch, Saddam Samalani and Yahya Azeem Baloch were the chief guests of the event. Baloch Council UET Lahore ...

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GC University: Two Baloch Students Secured Gold Medals

Lahore – Two Baloch students secured Gold Medals in the 13th convocation of Government College (GC) University Lahore, on Friday. Jasim Ali a student of BS Philosophy secured gold medal by scoring CGPA of 3.38 and standing first in the batch, learnt The Balochistan Point. Bangul Khan Bugti secured the Gold Medal in BS Political Science by scoring a CGPA of ...

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Confusion: Baloch, Balochi Or Khan

Salam Buledi When we Baloch are called “Balochi” in Punjab by our Punjabi brethren and friends; it seems to be weird and disgusting to us, all the while they pronounce the word, Baloch as Balochi and call us Balochi, we are Baloch, rather than Balochi. There is an open disparity between the word Baloch and Balochi. Baloch is nominative and Balochi is possessive. For example, Baloch are famous for ...

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Why Are Baloch Always The Problem?

Imran Baloch When subcontinent was partitioned in 1947 and Pakistan came into being, since then there has always been a problem between Pakistan’s central government and Baloch. Rulers of Pakistan, whether civilian or military have always termed Baloch as the source of problem. Why are Baloch always the Problem? The answer of this question can be deduced by analysing what ...

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