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Sonora: A village in Khuzdar district with beautiful Hills and Waterfalls

By: Mubarak Faryad

The village Sonara is located in Wadh, Khuzdar District of Balochistan. It is, at least, 175 kilometers far from Khuzdar city with genuinely full of beautiful mountains, natural green trees, rivers with waterfall areas, and picnic points. In this village, some most important Baloch cultural practices are prevalent which are essential for our Baloch nation to be followed. The villagers are doing the Baloch cultural practices for the youths so that they must not forget their cultural revolutions in the future.

The Baloch cultural practices, such as wearing Balochi embroidery. They make their food from the milk of goats which is an old practice of the Baloch people and make lunch from goat’s milk.

Their systems of marriage are quite different from other cities which I have visited many times. I observed that some areas are not similar to the village where I got born. From my childhood, I was a shepherd in the discussed village. Now because of my father’s struggles, I am studying in a better reading environment from where I have learned several things which are making my life easier.

Subsequently, the picnic points in the village sides are a lot, but the most popular one is Kanuji which is known to be a magnificent river with waterfalls. It is also full of big fish from which dozens of villagers have made a business by selling the fish to Khuzdar and earning money to take their hands to mouths. Similarly, many people come to Kanuji for visiting and for also picnic points from far areas of Balochistan and Karachi.

Besides this, it is a factor that the people of Sonara village are deprived of every basic need, including education, hospitals, electricity, and clean water. But the villagers have a great act in their lives with people by which they are recalled by everyone who has visited the village. In addition, it has been mentioned in Baloch history that the Baloch nation is the owner of their guests. However, they always give respect to their guests and visitors who come to the village and the people of the village do everything for their guests.

I feel relaxed seeing my village with beautiful natural resources, but one thing in my village which makes me worried is the children who are without basic facilities and are out of school. However, there are more than two hundred children in the village, but unfortunately, among them, no one is fulfilled with every basic need.

Apart from this, some are without shoes, some are deprived of good clothes, and all are out of school. They do not know what formal, school-going education is and what the advantages of studying are. They are distant from the fruits of development and prosperity. But as a whole, Sonara is a beautiful village with hospitable villagers. You will love the scenario of the village once you visit the beautiful city amidst the mountains of the Khuzdar district in Balochistan.

The writer is a student at DELTA, Turbat.

Published in The Balochistan Point on February 4, 2023

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