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The Balochistan Point welcomes everyone to contribute opinion articles, news reports and letters etc.

You can send your contributions to:


  • Contributions should be related to Balochistan in some way. For example, we will not accept a contribution that discusses mobile snatching in Karachi.
  • The maximum word limit for the contributions is 800 words; please keep your contributions within the limit.
  • We only accept original contributions not reprints. So please send us contributions that are your original work.
  • We don’t pay for any contribution that has been published in our online Newspaper.
  • We reserve the right to change the title of the contribution piece and also edit it for the sake of clarity and adherence to our editorial policy.
  • We especially encourage females and members of minorities to contribute to our Newspaper.
  • You should send your short – bio, 50 words maximum, that provides basic information about yourself. Please include your Email address, website address and twitter handle if you have.
  • We will let you know if your contribution can’t be published in our newspaper. Please don’t be disappointed and keep on sending in case your contributions are rejected.
  • In case if you didn’t get any response from us after sending a contribution then ask the reason by sending an email at aforementioned email address.

Please keep sending us your contribution as they keep The Balochistan Point alive.