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Census: Resident of Noshki has 54 children and six wives

 By: Barkat Zaib Sumalani

Noshki: During the current census it has been reported that a 70 year old man has 54 children and six wives in district Noshki, about 130 kilometers  away from Quetta. 

 Haji Abdul Majeed’s two wives have also passed away and four others are still with him.

Haji , driver by profession said, “Among my 54 children 12 have passed away ; I have 22 sons and 20 daughters.”

Haji said that he was illiterate but educated his children; however, they do not have any job.

Prior to this report, Jan Muhammad, a resident of Quetta was recognized as father of 36 children.

 Published in The Balochistan Point on April 1, 2017

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