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Civil Society demands MPA Khuzdar to take immediate action to resolve public issues

Khuzdar: A delegation comprising of  civil society, Informal District Assemblies and volunteers demanded the immediate resolution of major public issues within the district from Mir Younus Aziz Zehri  (Member of Provincial Assembly) while an advocacy with him at guest house Khuzdar.

The member of the provincial parliament was made aware of the public issues including unavailability of trauma center, absence of women CNICs, less NADRA centers and Mobile Registration Vans (MRVs), unregistered women in electoral lists, early child marriage, mother mortality rate, CNIC fee, and lack of female education institution and teachers.

The delegation led by Miss Tabsum Nadir submitted a charter of demand to the MPA with the following demands:

  1. A trauma center must be established in the district to save the lives of the victims of highway accidents.
  2. The number of NADRA centers and the Mobile Registration Van must be increased
  3. The pending child marriage prohibition law 2014-15 in Balochistan Assembly must be enacted to outlaw all kinds of child marriages
  4. The gynecologist must be appoint in the district and Tehsil level hospitals to deal women health issues
  5. A proper strategy should be adopted for increasing women voting registration to maximize the women voters turnout
  6. The number of girl’s schools and colleges must be increased with in the district to ensure the education for all.
  7. The shortage of teaching staff in institutions particularly newly established of SBK Women Khuzdar is to be removed.
  8. The women can visit NADRA office only once a week i.e. Friday to get CNIC. The frequency is to be increased by thrice a week.
  9. Women politicians are to be awarded ticket from their respective political party in contest in elections on general seats.
  10. Women are to be exempted from the fee of availing citizenship cards / CNICs

Mr Mir Younas Aziz Zehri (Member of Parliament) appreciated the role of civil society and Informal District Assembly on exposing women problems and the joint of efforts of HARD Balochistan and civil society. He fully endorsed the demands present by the representative of Civil Society and IDA and declared all the demands legitimate and rationale. He promised to put all these demands before the Balochistan Cabinet in its forthcoming session and also promised to pursue these demands at all levels.

Staff Reporter

Published in The Balochistan Point on November 20, 2018


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