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Editorial: Govt’s plans to launch mobile medical services in far flung areas in Balochistan

 According to the media reports the Balochistan government has finalized a plan to launch mobile medical services in rural areas of the province to provide quality medical facilities to people of far flung areas at their doorstep. Talking to the media Provincial Minister for Health, Mir Naseeb Ullah Marri said that the mobile medical units would be sent in areas, where the services of hospital are not available.  

Provincial Minister for Health emphasized on the importance of the health sector in Balochistan but also lamented on the poor condition of health and suffering of   people in Balochistan. The government is planning to revamp the huge health sector on priority basis. He shared with the media that government was bringing proper management system and providing all required equipment to hospitals in the province, adding that government was modernizing health sector to resolve the difficulties being faced by public specially the poor patients in hospitals.

Minister’s plan to recruit 700 trained doctors and paramedical staff in various hospitals to overcome lack of medical, and visits with formed committee to hospitals to ensure check and balance and monitoring are fairly appreciable.

People of Balochistan are already faceting number of issues due to the lack of facilities in the hospitals, lack of staff, doctors and medicines. Govt of Balochistan’s plans to launch mobile medical services in far flung areas of the province will mitigate the sufferings of people ensuring the availability of medicines and other required facilities.  

Published in The Balochistan Point on November 1, 2018

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