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Education crisis in Balochistan

By: Munaj Gul Muhammad

Balochistan which is the well to do province of Pakistan is facing plenty of loathsome problems and where the people are not getting their basic rights and need. If we talk about the education system of Balochistan then we will be astonished and very disappointed. Balochistan despite being the richest province of Pakistan is facing education problems ominously.

The literacy rate in Balochistan is 39 per cent. Mostly the people of rural areas are suffering from a fatal disease of absenteeism of teachers even though there are some villages in Balochistan where people are deprived of the ground laying opportunities.

The education system of Balochistan is totally destroyed because of the government and citizens that they both are not willing to bring changes in education system.

It is really painful to mention that in Balochistan more than 2.3 millions of children including boys and girls are out of school, whereas only 1.1 million children received primary school although half of the schoolchildren refrain from the study after matriculation because of poverty and other education obstacles.

There are more than 12,500 primary school in Balochistan among them more than 7000 schools are without classrooms and teachers but, no fetching actions are being taken by the government and the citizens.

It really makes us upset because in this 21st century the people of other countries have reached on the moon but, the people of Balochistan are still sleeping in the house which was made by mud.

Recently it is estimated that in Balochistan more than 5000 ghost teachers. They are out of school and getting their wages, no one is ready to talk withering these ghost teachers who are destroying the brilliant futures of our children and upcoming generation. It is the right time for the citizens of Balochistan to use their voices against this burning issue and do something good to eradicate this gross problem in Balochistan.

Furthermore, the main reasons of the out of school children is poverty that in Balochistan more than 52 percent live below the poverty line and the governmental schools are the only expectation for the paupers to send their children there for reading. Unfortunately, they are not showing an alluring picture in our societies because; the governmental schools lack good teachers, classrooms, electricity, course books, and the lack of staff.

  Balochistan needs to bring improvement in its education sector. Though politicians always utter that they would bring improvement in education sector, these chirpy words of the leaders   make the students and citizens disappointed because they only talk and not but take no action.

Published in The Balochistan Point on January 23,2017

Disclaimer: Views expressed in this article are those of the writer and The Balochistan Point not necessarily agrees with them.

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