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First Wall Art Competition held in Gwadar

By:  Zareef Baloch

GWADAR:  Over 60 local artists participated in the first-ever wall art competition held in district Gwadar on 4th August by Baamsar in collaboration with the district government. The event was sponsored by Brighto Paint and Consultant Group (CG) and it was held at the Padizer Marine Drive along the route from Gwadar Airport to Gwadar Free Zone and PC Hotel.

The theme for the first edition was ‘Colours of Gwadar’ on which the artists were asked to create their art, and were later judged by Mohsin Shaffi a local artist and Hassan from brigh to paints. The event was graced by many reputable personalities i.e. DC Capt. Waseem, Naveed Kalamathi ex minister PHE, M Asim Twana DG PND GPA and so on. The honorable judges and guests appreciated the organizer for initiating this important concept in Gwadar and stated that the artists of Gwadar are very talented and skilled, it’s just they need a proper platform to show their creativity to the world.

The main objective of the wall art competition was to promote art and create a safe place for local artists to display their creative work publicly. Baamsar believes that such art competitions are essential in today’s competitive world. “Through this competition, we aimed to encourage our local artists and creative individuals to engage in art which will help them to confidently represent their creation to the world and promote Pakistan’s, especially Gwadar’s cultural heritage,” said the CEO of Baamsar Naseer Ahmed.

The effectiveness of such art program cannot be denied as Art programs encourage students to be creative and use their imagination which in result enhances their skills like communication, problem solving, and critical thinking.

Wall art competitions also offered an ideal opportunity for local artists to network and drew visitors from all walk of life.

As the theme of the competition was ‟colors of Gwadar‟ so the work of all of the artist was exactly reflecting the given theme. Artists were very much excited as they didn’t have such exposure in their life before. They thanked the organizers for providing them this wonderful opportunity to represent their work and talent and assured that they will be given such learning opportunities in future as well.

Further the way the event was graced with the magnifying performance of the singers and other performers and finally the event concluded with the formal prize distribution ceremony for the winners. 

Published in The Balochistan Point on August 6, 2019

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