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Internet access: The need of the hour in Makran

By: Munaj Gul Muhammad

The advancement of the technologies in the 21st century remain invisible particularly in Turbat, generally in overall Balochistan; though, the technologies and access to internet became the exigent requirement of today’s society, but unfortunately, it remains every day’s epidemic of Balochistan. The province has always been neglected in every sector, be it, healthcare, educational development or implementation of basic laws.

To be frank, before some years, the internet was shut down in many districts of Balochistan for the security purposes which had put the masses in perturbations. Thereupon, still the region suffers from the aforesaid dilemma and the unavailability of the internet services.

 The shutdown of internet services is the question of the occasion that had always remained unanswered.

Recently, I caught up with a student based in Turbat and inquired what difficulties he faces as a student when there is no 4G services in the region: “Being a university student, I go through countless difficulties in my studies when it comes to unavailability of  4G services in Kech [a district of Makran division in Southern Balochistan].Undoubtedly, we, the students, are put in difficulties and are unable to avail any information related to our studies. As the internet is the best option for approaching to any information of the world.” He laments.

Kech District of Balochistan, has suffered from diverse lacking and the deprivation of basic needs: it still prevails by affecting the social, economic, educational and other  developments.

Nasir Ali , one of  the residents of Tump_ a region in Kech, narrated, ” I could find my life hard to dwell in Kech District as  in the region we could not pick up the most essential tools for getting in touch with world and educational activities; though, the accessibility of internet along with the availability of newspapers gives strengths to everyone to be aware of each and everything (happenings) in the world, but receiving the rudimentary needs have been a long haul for us.”

Not only Ali’s living is effectuated due to unavailability of internet and newspapers, but also the other denizens of the region.

Although, the internet facilities coupled with newspaper play a dynamic part to great changes in the society, but the  provincial government has never bothered to heed her attention for the development of its regions.

All the same, to my recent visit to my native village, Kolahoo, left me bereaved of newspapers accessibility and other sources to receive the news of the surroundings. Not only did it let me down that the area is deprived of the basics, but also made me stunned, for the region is getting neglected in every sector day in and day out.

Zeeshan Nasir, a writer-cum-student knows how hard it is to live in this advanced era without having the access to internet.

He explains, “Before a couple of days, the Japanese government announced the AFS scholarship where talented students enrolled in grade 6 to 12 are taken to Japan. I also submitted my particulars and passed the first online Google Test but missed the second one since I did not have the access to the net and the last date passed by.”

In the Kech District, the citizens are living in the dark and waiting for the dawn; for, they believe that the Provincial and federal governments would never make them satisfied by providing the basic necessities. Consequently, receiving the fundamental rights has always been an illusion for the subjects.

Similarly, the students of Makran are left with no educational facilities provoking one to question whether they do not have any constitutional rights? Howbeit, the members of Balochistan Assembly have had the discussions in the Parliament about suspension of internet in some parts of Makran, but demand were completely ignored. Now it is the high time for the Government of Pakistan to restore the suspension of 4G services in Balochistan at the earliest.

The Writer is a regular contributor to Balochistan Point and he can be reached at

Published in The Balochistan Point on November 9, 2019

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