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Job securing aspirants in UoB , await for recruitment

By: Aziz Ejaz

It has been almost two years the aspirants for the vacant positions of lecturers in university of Balochistan had taken the screening test under National Testing Service (NTS). After announcement of the final result the aspirants kicked the ways open for their preparations to face the selection boards of their subjects respectively. However, their aspirations unluckily seem exasperated when it took for them to wait for a complete two years. In this year, on 21th February, the aspirants commemorated the 2nd anniversary of the unluckiest day on which they have taken the test which kept them compel to desperately wait for such a fatigued period in an anticipation to have the interviews today or tomorrow.

 “How panic the days would be when someone awaits and consumes his or her whole energy only to a wishful goal to be achieved and that deliberately gets into unraveled complication, the University of Balochistan, with such a time taking procedure of recruitment has really stacked me over and I couldn’t even adjust myself to take another competitive exam because I wouldn’t have wanted to let myself be double minded and this has taken me into a situation which is much and more miserable for me”. Said an aspirant regrettably.

 “After 2008 recruitment of lecturers during the time of Aga Gul’s tenure, subsequently University of Balochistan didn’t take any measure to recruit teaching staff for its faculties and this has alleged the educational building of recruiting the politically approachable persons on irregular basis by the student communities and organizations. The problem of keeping the visiting faculties permanent was another massive issue that intertwined the entire institute into the ashes of unfaithfulness and later this was a remarkable decision from the administration to recruit the aspirants via NTS but inauspiciously the frequent delays in conducting the interviews had developed a mistrust among the young serving and industrious aspirants”. Told a Professor while discussing the issues that University of Balochistan confronts.

Another female aspirant while expressing her reservations said, “The whole system of the University indicates that the administration feels it a cheeriest moment to play with the lives of hundreds of the applicants who still await for the call of selection board. She said, “It is a clear sign of failure from the concerned authority but in the face of speaking of the realities all the aspirants are frightened to raise their voices and this is the reason the overall situation is not working in favor of them”.        

There were more or less twenty departments for which the vacant positions have been announced at the end of 2014, later on the screening tests had been conducted on 21 February 2015 and till now the University’s administration fail to held their selection boards except of few departments. From now surely the faculties and institutes are in utmost need of lecturers as the entire system has been changed into semester. But it is a precise reality that organizing of the classes with such an insufficient teaching faculty for the newly established system will undoubtedly create a grave daunting challenge for the administration.

 “In order to install a productive system the building needs to sure all its performing bodies adequately energetic. The teaching faculty would have been satisfactory and enough flexible and comprised of a young team associates but awkwardly it is contrary to all tall claims that were once pledged by the administrator of the university”, briefed a student, has affiliation with Baloch Student Organization.

Nonetheless, it is a discreditable fact of the university on the matter of its autonomous status where the political influences seem to have involvements in its all affairs which should have been ignored would be a great successful achievement on the way of accomplishing the triumphant wishes to bring the only university in a higher ranking.

 Higher Education Commission which is in authority to deal with higher educational institutes must come forward in term of assistance to make this institute smoothly functional to eradicate all those allegations and irregularities which for it is accused of. The provincial governor should also has to play his lawful roles to keep it away from all influences whether that is the menace of nepotism or favoritism.

 In conclusion, the University should have to conduct the selection boards of all remaining aspirants and the merit must have to be restored in gaining the hearts of wishful candidates. Illegal acts which are the menace signs of corruption and making educational institutes infertile should be very angrily rejected for the sake of the enrolled students and anxious newcomers. 

Published in The Balochistan  Point on May 13, 2017

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