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Letter: I See Madrassas But No Schools

Nasrat Baloch

I live in Turbat, Makran. I usually travel to Dasht and its surrounding areas which are almost 50 kilometers away from Turbat. On the way, I can see many small settlements. In every population settlement one can see a common thing which is mosque and madrassas but one can’t find a school everywhere. One may find school buildings but can’t find any students and teacher in them.

Question arises! Why can’t we take education as serious as religion? People can run a mosque without government support. Why can’t we run a school without government support?


Photo of  primary school of Dasht Sangai

Obviously! Its government responsibility to provide education to the people but if the government has failed to deliver, Isn’t it our social responsibility to work for child education? Lead them for better future? Make them better human beings?

Parents of rural areas send their children to madrassas rather than schools. I am not saying religious education is not good but it is essential to know, who is giving religious education to our children in madrassas? What is their qualification and background? What is their way of thinking? Are they leading our children towards a wrong path? Are they radicalizing Islam and misleading our children in the way of extremism?

Nowadays, I usually listen from mosque’s load speaker. Small children are signing.

“Let me go in Kabul’s jihad. I want to fight and be a martyr”

My city wasn’t like that before. But it’s our own weakness that we don’t know. Who is running the madrassas? What are they teaching inside madrassas?

We can only counter this religious extremism by better educational system and convince the parents that they should send their children in schools rather than in madrassas. We should have any eyes on these madrassas. Where we don’t even know what Mullah [Religious cleric] is teaching our children.

If we can’t do it ourselves then we should force our representatives in the parliament.

Author is a Student Of MBA at University Of Turbat. He can be reached at:

Published in The Balochistan Point on June 3, 2015

Disclaimer: Views expressed in this article are those of the author and The Balochistan Point not necessarily agrees them.

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