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Letter: Plight Of Private School Teachers

Sami Parvez

I am writing this article about an event which happened in a private school in Turbat. First of all, let me share some secrets of private institutions. What is their role in our society and what are they doing?  No doubt, Private schools and other institute owners are looting the Baloch nation. They are becoming rich day by day that one can’t imagine. However when teachers of the private schools ask for salary increment then they are shown the door out. If teachers ask for the reason of their dismissal then rumors are spread against the teachers. In addition to that people know very well about the qualification of owners of private schools. I am sharing an anecdote about a private school of Turbat which will help the readers understand the reality of owners of private schools that how much they give respect to their teachers.

One day a teacher had been slapped by a student in the class room. When the teacher complained to the principal that he must expel the student from school, owner replied that He cannot do this. But he will apologize. Then the teacher said that he must apologize in front of school at the time of assembly. Owner of school agreed to this demand of teacher. But unfortunately when the principal asked the student then he answered he won’t. Again teacher asked the principal that the student must say sorry in front of staff members. But he didn’t, at last teachers became fed up. Next day all male staff didn’t go to school. When the principal asked to the teachers come and attend your classes so they replied that they won’t come till the student doesn’t apologize.

Next day, School owner told that teachers that He has appointed other teachers in their place. “Now I don’t need you,” owner told the teachers point blank. After that he became compelled to take two or three teachers among them and gave them lower classes. Furthermore remaining teachers went to other schools. In addition the principal also called all principals of other schools and said that you must not take these teachers. But unfortunately one principal has taken a teacher from them. And that principal said to another principal that except this teacher, don’t take others.

Now this case proves that teachers of the private schools have no worth am9ng students and the owners of private schools. A great personality is reported to have said that “Teaching is that profession which creates all professions”. So what’s the reason that teachers are being devalued in the private institutes? At the present time another query will be raised that who is responsible for this critical situation?  These poor and helpless teachers knock on whose door for asking justice!

Published in The Balochistan Point on January 27, 2015

Disclaimer: Views expressed in this article are those of the author and The Balochistan Point not necessarily agrees with them.

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