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Baloch Doctors Forum expresses reservations over the currently held tests of MS and MD

By: Ejaz Aziz

QUETTA: On walk of irregularities Baloch Doctors Forum condemned and expressed their reservations over the currently held tests of MS and MD conducted by Post Graduation Institute (PMGI). In a press conference on Monday, they said that the tests which were conducted escalated our reservations as there hired inexperienced, non-staff and approachable examiners, which was actual aimed at backing their aspirants.

Baloch Doctors Forum severely criticized the process of conducting the tests to say PGMI is the only institute in Balochistan to award degrees to the doctors, if this has gone to cross the limit of violating the daunting challenge of merit so it would be better to halt it forever.

“Among the member of examiners, a junior doctor and president of an organization was as well hired to process the procedure which is completely a clear indication of loopholes.” They said.

Deputy organizer of BDF, Dr. Irshad Baloch while talking on the issue told, “it has been confirmed by factual a source that the papers for the aspirants have been prepared secretly under a supervision of team in order to make it easy for the individuals they want to bring in terms of adjustment.”

 “A clerk of the concerned department was as well spotted during the test. This ambiguity of the concerned authority has critically increased our reservations and we declared such act violently against the rules and regulations. “Said a member of BDF.

Favoritism and nepotism alongside political approaches and bureaucrat influences reported to halt all the processes of restoring merit in Balochistan long ago. The concerned authority, the health minister and health secretary should take a prompt action and report the issue as soon as possible.

Published in The Balochistan Point on December 15, 2017

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