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Balochistan – A Bird’s Eye View

By Faisal Sheikh

I contemplate that we, the citizens of Balochistan, are not living in 21st century. I profoundly lament on the current issues of Balochistan .It is beyond my thoughts that from where should I start, by enlightening the enormities of Balochistan. Each and every issue is on the horns of dilemma and each issue is essential to overcome.

The vast hinterland Balochistan has turned into lawless fortress of depressing crimes and insurgencies. The people of Balochistan wear the expressions of fear and danger. The brutal terrorism has taken its toll on Balochistan .The habitats of balochistan, inhabited by poor and rich alike confront the dire issues. Briefly speaking the Balochistan has become the hot-bed of every horror that one can possibly imagine.

Confronting the prevailing issues, life in Balochistan is sheer miserable. Luster and the smile from the face of everyone have disappeared. Smile is just a word for Balochistan because the prevailing situation in Balochistan has made the people to forget it.

The sole reason behind all these issues is the lack of considerations. The people of Balochistan are gullible that is why they are being exploited. We are impoverished in basic requirements of life. People of Balochistan lack the basic needs of life. From basic needs I do not mean the supply of natural gas, filtered water or energy. I just mean the protection of life and properties of people of Balochistan.

Women in Balochistan are also suffering from the turbulent situation prevailing in Balochistan. The praiseworthy Farzana Majeed is a symbol of endurance and tolerance for the women of Balochistan. She is searching for the love of her brother who has been missing for last three years. She struggled hard for release of her brother but all her efforts proved futile.  She with her other companions traveled along distance of 720 miles from Quetta to Karachi and then from Karachi towards Islamabad covering a distance of 2188 KM, arguably it is the longest march covered by the women in the history of world. After covering such tiresome and fatigued distance the aftermaths were same as were before. The apex court and even the media had ignored the cause of the woman.

The acid thrown on the teenager girls in Mastung and Quetta shows wicked minds of the religious extremists, it is the peak of brutality against the rights of women.  If the same tyranny prevails the aftermaths will be so catastrophic that there will be no point of return.

The entire Balochistan has become the hot-bed of sectarian strife, Due to these circumstances other enormities have flourished.  The act of depredations, looting and plunder has proliferated throughout Balochistan. The role of police in the province resembles that of a newlywed bride. The policemen look indecisive while tackling the situation. The habitats of Balochistan are totally fed up with this miserable life, where there is no security of both life and property. In the end I only say:

We want good will, not the ill will

Published in The Balochistan Point on August 2, 2014.

Disclaimer: Views expressed in this article are those of the author and The Balochistan Point not necessarily agrees with them.

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