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Balochistan: Basic Rights Concern People not Senate Chairmanship

By: Syed Junaid Shah

The most neglected province of the country is being galvanized by trespassers again. The whole dynamics depict that Balochistan is at the centre of every political equation in country and is dominating everyday headlines.

Politicians, bureaucrats and the civil-military leadership are preparing to redress the wrongs, done to this province. But, the question arises, are the people of this ghetto being tricked again? Well, think of the past and you will know the future. Can a senate chairman from Balochistan be the ransom for 70 years miseries? If so, we have been tricked before when Zafarullah Jamali became first Prime Minister from this province. Ironically, no changes were noticed during his tenure. The axe forgets but the forest remembers. Thus, it would be like living in fool’s paradise to cheer that, merely a senate chairman from our province can bring us great days.

It is true that Balochistan has become a laboratory of experiments for those who want to perpetuate their say in this country. From Chaghi nuclear tests to recent senate polls, the geo-political and social status of this province is being perverted. A dramatic change of government was an attempt to amuse those who are playing Brutus with this province from a long time. This awful practice was done only to stroke the ruling PML-N, in the senate and not to heal the wounds of this province. How the new chairman was elected is a snub to democratic history of this country.

 Everyone claims, he has given the province its rights in the shape of a senate chairmanship. But, no one cares what an ordinary person of this underdeveloped province wants. Balochistan is the most backward province, it has the lowest literacy rate, lowest per capita income, lowest share in federal budget and almost least representation among all provinces. More than 70% of its population lives in rural areas. Above 60% of its population has no access to pure water. Moreover, the law and order situation is alarming. Proper education remains to be a dream, whereas 2.7 million children are out of schools with nearly 40% ghost schools. More than 1.5 million literates are unemployed. Hence, a chairman from this province can be a panacea for all these dilemmas.

Common people are more concerned with their basic rights than the chairmanship. They want free and fair education, easy access to clean water, their due shares in provincial and federal jobs, funds and most importantly peace and better situation of law and order. People want their rights given practically and not by merely in theories. If they have installed someone in the upper house, they must give him enough power and authority to perform his work conductively.

Published in The Balochistan Point on April 27, 2018

Disclaimer: Views expressed in this article are those of the author and The Balochistan Point not necessarily agrees with them.

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