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BRP condemns killings of Sindhi political activists

Quetta:  The Baloch Republican Party (BRP) has condemned the killing of four Sindhi political activists by “Pakistani forces” on Thursday and murder of eight Baloch peasants in Mach, Bolan on Friday.

BRP   in its statement has  condemned the killing of JSMM East Karachi district president Zamin Shah, JSSF Central Vice Chairman Afzal Pahnwar and workers Yamin Chachar and Sobal Daher and paid  tributes to them for sacrificing their lives for the rights and freedom of Sindhi people and homeland.

“We, the Baloch people, express our full support and solidarity with our Sindhi brothers in their struggle against the tyranny and injustices of the state and for their birth rights.” Said the statement

“The forces have claimed to kill miscreants who attacked a Rawalpindi-bound passenger train earlier in Friday; however, all those killed people were unarmed Baloch civilians who were brutally killed along with their livestock in the offensive.” BRP said.

All these claims are nothing but tactics to carry out the genocide of the Baloch people in a more sophisticated manner to confuse the world about ongoing atrocities and gross human rights abuses in Balochistan, it said.

According to the BRP  the international community and world humanitarian organisation have turned a blind eye and a deaf ear toward the miseries of the Baloch people.

Published In The Balochistan Point on August 18,2013


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