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Contingency Plan On Drought For 2017-18 Conducted

By: Naseeb Malik

QUETTA: Contingency plan on drought for 2017-18, conducted at Quetta by Islamic relief in collaboration with PDMA Balochistan today.

On the occasion secretary Pakistan red crescent Balochistan, Dr Imran khan addressing to participants, said that recent wave of drought really could bring many more issues for people, no doubt the province was warped in others issues too.

Dr Imran khan offered to all departments that in case of emergency situations in the province, their services would be ready to help out the effecttees respectively. “Last year at Nushki District PRCS Balochistan saved around 70 people who were dispersed in a heavy snowfall in 2017 out of this we have managed food items and safety equipment’s in exigency periods in Balochistan”, he added.

The young secretary, emphasized to get rid of shortage of waters in remote areas of province. “Similarly all of us should conduct awareness programs in community basis which would eradicate the current issue drought,” he added.

Answering to the questions the head of PRCS Balochistan, said no one denied the importance of sharing data among organization regarding drought that would be executed on ground by which each organ of sate would be facilitated particularly those who really work on drought.

Published in The Balochistan Point on September 26, 2017

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