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Education is everyone’s basic right, it should be provided equally and honestly:D.E.O Chaghi Haji Aman Ullah

By Muhammad Akbar Notezai

Exclusive interview with District Education Officer Chaghi Haji Aman Ullah    


Q: How do you see the state of education in district Chaghi?

Well, as far as education of district Chaghi is concerned, I am  confident to say that it is   going towards improvement. This is, as you know, Chaghi is one of the largest districts of Pakistan with a dense population but we have been trying our best to equally provide education to the all places of it. That is why our education, to a greater extent, is sound. Additionally, it is also our responsibility to further enhance the education ratio of district Chaghi, which we’re trying. Besides, I also belong to the same district —-consider the students of Chaghi like my children—-also feel the pain when students face hardships. But it is not true as well, Chaghi’s education, which is completely free from all problems because we have  been confronting many problems, related to education. However, I am concerned; I firmly have the belief to remove the formidable obstacles on the way of my students.

In some places of rural Chaghi, many posts are vacant; therefore, our education is disturbed there.

Also, the literacy rate in Chaghi is 40 per cent; and we are hopeful it’ll increase by mobilizing and motivating the people.


Q: Does the present education of district Chaghi full-fill the needs and requirements of students?

Before answering this question, remember, we should see that there are 229 government schools, 6 private schools and 6 schools have been established by NCHD. But Chaghi’s many villages don’t have schools, so fully it doesn’t full-fill the needs and requirements of students. Nevertheless, we request to higher authorities to establish more and more schools and appoint teachers—-because in villages, schools’ posts are vacant. So, in this way our students can be more facilitated.


Q: Do you think all places of district Chaghi should be provided education equally?

Of course, who can oppose this? Education is everyone’s basic right, it should be provided equally and honestly.


Q: Then why is there a huge difference between the educations of Chaghi’s all areas?

No, I don’t agree with you that there is a huge difference. We’ve been providing educational facilities to all schools based on students’ enrollment. Again, we can never tolerate those students of all places to be given education unequally.


Q: Why is Chaghi lagging in the field of education? What is the reason behind it?

It is known to everyone, Chaghi is the land of scattered villages with total area 45, 800 square kilometer. On the other side, district admin has no facilities to monitor the all schools of district Chaghi, especially in its rural areas. The district D.D.O, D.O has not been provided vehicles yet. In spite of these all, our D.D.O, D.O and other learning coordinators visit the schools on their own arrangements, even though we perform our duties honestly to improve the education.


Q: In rural areas of district Chaghi, schools are deserted; neither students nor teachers seem to be present there. Why?      

It is due to the vacant posts, dear, but rests of the schools are functioning properly. In the near future, we are going to recruit teachers for these vacant posts, which can be beneficial for students.

However, it is our responsibility that schools should not  be closed where teachers are posted.


Q: How’ve you been trying to reform the education of district Chaghi?

Being the team leader of education department of district Chaghi, I am doing my level best to bring reformation in education field, also, to increase its ratio.

Furthermore, I count the merit my top priority through which education can be more reformed.


Q: What do you say about the girls’ education of district Chaghi?

I am quite glad to share with you that girls are here encouraged by their parents to get education. They do not face any hardship in this regard. There are three high schools, nine  middle schools and 52 primary schools for girls. God willing, we will ask the higher authorities to establish more schools for girls so that they get education with ease.

But in rural Chaghi, unfortunately, girls don’t have schools to get education. That is why their education is affected.

In addition, girls are emancipated to get education in any school. There is no any threat or hindrance.


Q: Will you please give us the figure of students, schools of Chaghi?

The schools are: Boys primary schools are 141, middle schools 15 and high schools are 9. On the other side, girls primary schools are 52, middle schools 9 and high schools are 3. It means there are total 229 schools in district Chaghi with enrollment of 23781 students.


Q: Are representatives of Chaghi working for the betterment of education?

Yes, they are  working for it. The both ministers MNA and MPA, as you know, belong to the same district. They’ve constructed buildings for the schools in the villages where schools were not established before. But I recommend them to establish more schools for the students.

Q: Do mega projects provide scholarships to students?

I regret to say that the Saindak and Reko Diq projects are not providing scholarships to students. If they would really want to provide scholarships to students, then they would contact me. Yet they have not contacted me.


Q: How can quality education be brought in district Chaghi?
Quality education is not a big problem for us. If the education department and mega projects help us, so it can come.


Q: Do you agree many disqualified and incompetent teachers are present in district Chaghi?

There may be but they are few in number. Most of our teachers are qualified and competent.


Q: Ex D.C.O launched a language center for students, then why didn’t E.D.O Chaghi launch?

I still appreciate him for launching a language center for students, but our teachers taught there in class rooms. As far as I’m concerned, I don’t have financial support that I would launch a language center.


Q: BSAC (Baloch Students Action Committee) claimed that some teachers of district Chaghi remain absent from their classes and schools are closed. Why?

No, schools are closed due to non-availability of posts. Now, we have  recommended the names of applicants for the vacant posts.


Q: How do you compare Chaghi’s education with other districts’ education of Balochistan?

Let me bring your kind attention that our students are very capable in various competitions. They have got medals. Recently, a student of Dalbandin, Chaghi, got 1st position in the Punjab College in the annual result of B.A. It means our education is better. I am satisfied with it.


Q: In future, how’ll you further improve the education of district Chaghi?   

It is my top priority to improve the education of education as quickly as possible. I also want to advise the students to concentrate more and more on education because it makes you ethically, morally and socially good. Indeed, without education on one can achieve success.

Muhammad Akbar Notezai  is regular contributor to The Balochistan Point.  He blogs at Muhammad Akbar Notezai

Published in  The Balochistan Point

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