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Establishment of Career Counseling Centers in Educational Institutions

By:  S.J, Mehmoodia

Career counseling is a process that assists the students to know and understand themselves and the professional world. Progress in career is a life-long process whether a student knows it or not, but it actually starts when somebody starts planning for future.

Furthermore, a large number of factors influence our career development including; our interest, economic power, abilities, background and circumstances. Career development is not only just deciding the major courses and fields to study but also it needs the commitment of a committed learner.

Career counseling also requires counselors, teachers, parents and their suggestions and guidelines and with inclusion of students’ own interest and ideas.

On the other hand, because of having limited access of counseling, most students chose the field either because of peer pressure or in haste without proper planning. As a result, they lose interest and cannot continue with what they had chosen and finally they give up.

It has also been seen that some parents force their children to choose the fields of their choice. Career counseling is a widely used concept in many developed countries that have the counseling facilities to guide students and professionals, but unfortunately its value is mostly not known in Pakistan in general and in Balochistan in particular.

Although, in few schools, colleges and universities of Pakistan, counseling is offered but it again when something is limited, it does not have much impact.

I request the government to establish career counseling centers in every educational institute in order to secure the future of the youth and country as a whole.

Published in The Balochistan Point on July 15, 2017


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