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KALAT: Alarming rise in dog-bite cases but no rabies vaccine available at DHQ-Hospital  

By: Staff Reporter

KALAT: At least 8 people have been bitten by stray dogs in Kalat city in last 3 days; however, no rabies vaccine is available at District Head Quarter-Hospital. The injured include children and women belonging to different areas of Kalat. Sources told The Balochistan Point on Sunday.

According to the sources over 8 people were bitten by the stray dogs in last three days, the patients still wait for dermal injections.

Talking to The Balochistan Point, a bitten female, aged 60, told that there was no vaccine available at hospital and they hardly could arrange a single one but some more need to be given.

Another patient, Israr Ahmed told: “I was immediately brought to hospital but no rabies vaccine was available at DHQ-Hospital and we were compelled to buy from Quetta.”

Paramedical staff member at DHQ Kalat and District Health Office confirmed unavailability of intra dermal injections at mentioned places but the sources at District Health Office said that they were going to request authorities for supply of rabies vaccine to give aid to the patients.

Additionally, sources at The People’s Primary Healthcare Initiative” (PPHI) office Kalat told: “rabies injection is available at all Basic Health Unit (BHUs) in district Kalat which are working under PPHI.”

Published in The Balochistan Point on April 23, 2017

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