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Immature media in Pakistan

By: Naseeb Malik

Importance of electronic media and print media are well known these days. The emergence of electronic media brought freedom o speech along with it. Initially, in the shape of radio in 1924 in UK at first, people became surprised about new innovation of BBC .Before it even people had no knowledge regarding the radio. Gradually it became an essential part of human. People were too much keen to use it for the purpose to have knowledge of happenings around the   world.

No doubt, in the beginning, radio worked out standing in the form of giving guidance to the former in their live shows. Soon after, in second world war which started in 1939 to 1945, well known personality of Germany “Hittler” used this instrument to spread propaganda against his enemy through radio programs; though, dictator was losing his status but was trying to give courage to their nation , that he would  defeat to enemy in a battle ,in result ,propaganda even could not save his life, only in “Hittler’s” regime radio went in wrong hands.

Developed countries believed that the freedom of media is the sign of prosperity by which media houses put grass root problems in front of higher authorities, in this way, a lot of democratic states have given free hands to media according to their rule and regulations, as like , in Pakistan media is considered as 4th pillar of country.

 However, it was a historical day in 1964 when government  of Pakistan launched its first ever television channel in the shape of PTV. Now PVT has further branches. Today there are a lot of private channels and newspapers, which are working on ground without any sort of hesitation, most important  in this cycle each channel has right to criticize over govt policies through arguments and positive logic’s to educate, to inform  and to entertain.

Unfortunately, our media has selected only one part out of three main parts which would not even interlink to nations future? Regrettably, in  Pakistan TV channels are just for political parties and political issues ,in Pakistan now TV and newspapers turned into commercial sector ,if i say both medium are tool to boost up commercialism, I would not be wrong ,because ,since we have not seen a single talk show based on national issue ,

Media house deliberately broad cost bull shit news story after every seconds ,with red color tickers that automatically gets the concentration of viewers including  patients ,according to doctors, shocking news stories may directly hit to heart patients ,Moreover at the prime time of channels viewers became habitual to watch political shows of terrible news stories ,the concept of entertainments in Pakistani channels are wild dream for viewers.

Most important, no one wants to do programs on educational hurdles in the country, no one knows how to ask questions from leaders of political parties how to get rid from terrorism or what are the tools to eradicate child abuse from societies ,no one has idea about  upcoming days population of Pakistan may create more problems.

Everyone is interested to watch political show on TV, huh! PM said ,Zardari says that and Imran khan will do that etc. the battle of politicians will not be ended never, now it is better to seek out productive programs through news channels, which would help to nation, after the day do watch such talk shows which would bring positive change in your life style.

Published in the Balochistan Point  on April 20, 2017

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