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Neglecting female education in Balochistan

By: Sana Samad

In last few years, the female literacy rate has increased in the country but instead of growing it is opposite in Balochistan. The literacy rate of female in Balochistan has decreased rapidly just due to not getting any attention from government. Balochistan is the most backward province in every regard.

The female are not encouraged to get knowledge by their parents. There are lack of educational institutions for female and the government has not been doing anything special for the improvement of female’s education.

Due to the negligence of government the female’s literacy rate in Balochistan is getting very low. The condition is even is deteriorating in rural areas. It is shockingly estimated only 2 percent. In this 21 century everyone is aware about the importance of education but the rural women in Balochistan are locked at four walls and not getting any opportunity to attend schools. Apart from Quetta none of the other district of the province is having female’s university where women can get higher education.

According to a survey, the total literacy rate of Balochistan is 34 percent against the literacy rate of 52 percent of the nation. The male literacy is 39 percent which is the lowest as compared to other provinces. Not only is the male, the female literacy rate is also the lowest in the country, recorded to be 27 percent standing poorly against the national female literacy of 48 percent.

Furthermore, the female colleges are suffering from lack of female lecturers and without the transport system. It has made compel to the female students either quit the studies or remain absent in entire year. The conditions of urban areas are going in worst conditions. The females are neglected in every field of their life, and the girls belonging to urban or rural areas are facing umpteenth problems.

In Balochistan 69 years of history, the government has not done any remarkable work for educating the both sexes. The schools are suffering from lack of fund as schools are suffering from lack of buildings, electricity and lack of drinking water. As for as non-government organizations (NGOs) are concerned, they highly claim to be working for women rights to education. Unfortunately, they just focusing mainly in Quetta, they hardly go out of the city to look at women’s pitiable education in rural areas. The NGOs are receiving a huge amount of fund and salaries for their work, but they are totally wasting money and time. They should visit entire Balochistan, and ensure that women have rights of education and they are free to seek knowledge.

It is estimated that in Balochistan, around 3408 girls’ school, 22 girls inter college, 13 girls Degree College, and 16693 teachers with the enrollment of 429,784 students. The government has been continuously saying that they are working to bring improvement in all sorts of educational facilities to the students, and they have been appointing teachers in Balochistan’s rural areas where students may be educated in a better way. The government is continuously uttering promises. Day by day the literary rate is decreasing then why government is talking about the improvement of Balochistan?

Without educated women none of the nation can progress. If in reality the government wants the development of Balochistan then the foremost responsibility is to provide quality education to the female because without females, males cannot bring any improvement.

Published in The Balochistan Point on December 25, 2016

Disclaimer: Views expressed in this article are those of the writer and The Balochistan Point not necessarily agrees with them

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