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Online Shopping Habits of Consumers in Pakistan

Hania Saleem

Online shopping has been a huge phenomenon in Pakistan for the past couple of years. Both male and female users have been actively making purchases online. Online stores have gained this popularity due to lower prices, efficient processes, quicker feedback, customer reviews all of which has led to steady trust building in the mind of consumers. Looking closely at the online shopping trends of Pakistanis, we see a growth in purchase of varied categories, ranging from apparel, footwear, household items, kitchen appliance, books, stationary to gadgets etcetera. Some of the top selling items and trends of 2014 are:

 1. Cell Phones

The thing about cell phones is their models are constantly changing. After every few months there is a new model with added features, completely new design and updated software system. A person should be completely up to date with all these technological advancements before making the purchase. The internet is a convenient place to compare different cell phones. You can browse through all the models and brands at the same time, reading reviews and product specifications in detail. It is for this fitting reason that people like to buy mobile phones from the web.

 2. Women’s Accessories

There are quite a lot of young females searching the web, going through latest fashion blogs, Instagram and face book pages of stylists and celebrities. Noticing, very inquisitively their outfits and accessories. Clothes are generally more expensive to buy, hence they are ordered after thinking through the purchase. Accessories are comparatively cheaper and hence girls can buy necklaces, rings, earring and other jewelry items instantly. It is for this reason that latest earrings, and stylish necklaces sell like hotcakes in the online market.

 3.  Gadgets

The internet has exploded the local markets with great gadgetry which you just cannot do without. Here, you will be able to find items that are hard to find in regular brick and mortar stores. The fast technology has given birth to Bluetooth hands free, headphones, portable speakers, wifi keyboards, ipod docks, power banks, psp, video gaming consoles and many more cool accessories to go with these gadgets. Online stores are the most appropriate place to make purchase of all such items and complementary items.

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Author is a Lahore based professional blogger and content writer responsible for creating web-ready optimized content. She has a passion for web trends, digital media, fashion, blogging and travelling.


Published in The Balochistan Point on September 4, 2014.

Disclaimer: The views expressed in this article are those of the author and The Balochistan Point not necessarily agrees with them.

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