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Opposition Alleges Corruption and Mismanagement in Municipal Committee Gwadar

Suleman Hashim

Gwadar – The opposition members of Municipal Committee Gwadar have alleged that massive corruption and mismanagement is taking place in Municipal committee Gwadar.

Opposition in Municipal Committee Gwadar set up a three-day protest camp inside the premises of Municipal Committee Office against the ruling party for disapproving each development project, mega corruption and acting against the spirit of democratic process.

According to the protestors, Rs. 150 million were provided by the government of Balochistan in June 2015 for district Gwadar. Major portion of the budget has been wasted due to corruption, alleged the protestors.

An investigation committee created to investigate corruption of Rs. 150 million was dissolved before it could present its findings – Protestors.

Protestors said that a so-called investigation committee was created and assigned to investigate the case of corruption but it was dissolved before it could present its findings.

Gwadar Protest (2)

A placard held by protestors

“Funds that could have been invested for the infrastructure development, health care or educational projects in the district were embezzled by district chairman,” alleged the protestors.

Reportedly, government of Balochistan has recently provided Municipal Committee Gwadar with fund of Rs. 5.5 million.

Funds that could have been invested for infrastructure development, health care or educational projects were embezzled – Protestors.

“Chairman Municipal Committee Gwadar rejected the proposals of majority of councils on how the newly received funds should be spent,” Khuda Dad Waju the leader of opposition party told Balochistan Point.

“We wanted the funds to be spent on either installation of Gas pipelines or repair of water pipes destroyed by Gwadar Development Authority (GDA) but District Chairman seems to have other agendas,” added Mr. Waju.

 Protestors warned to file a case in the court of law against corruption in municipal committee Gwadar if their demands are not met.

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Published in The Balochistan Point on November 4, 2015

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