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Students Allege Irregularities In MPA Funds Of Dr. Malik Baloch

Sami Parvez

Turbat – Students of Turbat have alleged that massive irregularities are taking place in scholarship funds distribution of Chief Minister, Dr. Malik Baloch.

Dr. Malik Baloch is Member of Provincial Assembly (MPA) from PB-48, Kech-I. Every MPA of Balochistan assembly is provided with Scholarship funds of Rs. 10 million which the member is supposed to distribute among the needy students of the constituency.

Students in Turbat allege that Scholarship funds of Dr. Malik Baloch are only being provided to his relatives and children of National Party members. Students who have no personal or political relation with Dr. Malik Baloch are deprived of the scholarship funds, students of Turbat told The Balochistan Point.

Shambay, who is son of a farmer, told The Balochistan Point, “I didn’t get scholarship funds despite submitting applications whereas other students got Rs. 50,000 to Rs. 100,000 without submitting applications.” He alleged that the students receiving scholarship funds already belong from rich families and they have personal connections with Dr. Malik Baloch.

Students of Turbat plea from Balochistan High Court to take action against massive irregularities in distribution of MPA scholarship funds of Dr. Malik Baloch.

Similar complaints have been made by students in constituencies of another National Party MPA, Haji Islam Baloch, from Panjgur district.

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Published in The Balochistan Point on August 12, 2015

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