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Students of Phoenix Middle School Kalat Visit Public Library Kalat

Kalat: Students of Phoenix Middle School Kalat had a study visit to Public Library Kalat Today . Most of the visitors were students who had to write essays on the topic of “Study tour” and importance of “Book reading” after the visit.

The visiting group was led by school teachers. Jahanzaib Baloch, in-charge of Kalat Library, provided information to the children about the importance and features of the library.

Jahanzaib Baloch said: “The library has books on various topics including books in Urdu, English, Balochi and Brahui languages ​​while there are also daily newspapers for reading.”

Phoenix School students were told that a number of students come here daily to read books, including textbooks.

Meanwhile, the children asked Jahanzaib Baloch questions regarding the library and described the study tour as useful and informative move.

Published in The  Balochistan Point on 27th , 2021

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