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VIP Visit: People Of Quetta Suffer Enormously

Quetta – People of Quetta suffered a great deal of nuisance due to the arrival of Prime Minister and his entourage in Quetta, on Tuesday. Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif reached Quetta on Tuesday morning to participants in All Parties Conference called in Aftermath of Mastung Carnage which resulted in death of 22 passengers. All the major arteries of Quetta located ...

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Quetta Shut Down: 2 Hour Visit Of Prime Minister

Quetta – Major part of center of Quetta was shut down due to arrival of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif in Quetta, on Tuesday. Prime Minister visited Quetta to condole the death of Nawabzada Talal Akbar Bugti who passed away last week. Prime Minister Landed in Quetta on 2:00 PM and left the city at 3:45 PM, aviation sources told The ...

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