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Pygmy Jerboa: World’s Tiniest Mouse Found in Balochistan

Qais Baloch Baluchitherium is one of the largest land mammals ever existed, it was discovered by a French paleontologist Jean-Loup Welcomme in Dera Bugti district of Balochistan. Pygmy Jerboa mouse, which is equal to a coin in size, was first discovered by J.A Anderson in Chagai district of Balochistan. Pygmy Jerboa is the tiniest mouse in the world and is ...

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Sand Cat Of Balochistan Is Under Threat Of Extinction

Qais Baloch Balochistan covering over 44 per cent total land area of Pakistan is habitat of a number of illustrious wild animals such as Suleman Markhor [Capra falconeri jerdoni], Chinkara or Indian Gazelle, Persian Gazelle, Leopard, Caracal, Pallas’s Cat, Wolf, Balochistan Black Bear, Chiltan Wild Goat, and Sand Cat. Among the other fast disappearing wild animals, the native Sand Cat, ...

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