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The Opaque Nation

By: Syed Aurang Zaib

Syed Aurang ZaibCountries who have realized the importance of each community in the role of national development and facilitated them to contribute and meet their basic needs have achieved a stable position in the world. In the present world where countries carry numerous ethnicity, sects, religions and other minorities run on the fundamental rule of nature equality.

The current situation of our country is really glum where the hasty change and tension in the sects and their formation, the activities and appreciation of extremists. At that time it is looking hard that Religion can really do enough to get the society out from such harsh crises.  On the other hand circumstances abruptly come to an unlawful situation when it is time to fold-back the Karachi operation. Which shows the failure of both, despotic and conviction means.

This designed and structured seclusion is repelling nation to develop consensus. The main regions, with a high strategic and regional importance, Balochistan Gilgit and FATA are under severe operations; looking fabricated and being compelled to live in constitutional limbo.

As World’s map has experienced more than seventy countries after world war 2nd and all these countries are the sentient result of the inequalities. This is the tool of the imperialists to make few regions developed and deprived others as we have observed in Germany, Australia, and later in Sub-continent. But the harsh part of the story is that, imperialists always got failed in their business.

Recognizing the needs and due rights of the people is a serious task for Pakistan. It is really inept to consider the needs of people as it has been molded in each decade according to political and economic interest. The possible way to land on national integration is not the despotic means but to drive the nation on the path of equality.

Balochistan along with all other smaller provinces can never achieve the level of dignity as it is both, directly and indirectly depended on Punjab. The resources of the Province have been seized by the “Big Bro” in from of each and every recognized project being carried out. As each project has worked to confront the province with severe form of poverty, malnutrition and institutional devastation, even the CPEC is going to charge the region punitively.

On the other hand the province is economically, socially and politically depended on Punjab and being run by it. Same is the case with all other associated provinces. In such circumstances developing consensus is like “living in a foolish pool”. What measures are supposed to be taken are not needed to be explained as now what is required there is only willingness.

The author is BS Sociology, at University of Gujrat and he can be reached at

Published in The Balochistan Point on January 22, 2017

Disclaimer: Views expressed in this article are those of the writer and The Balochistan Point not necessarily agrees with them

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