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The poor educational system in Balochistan

Munaj Gul Muhammad

Balochistan is the largest and well-off province in Pakistan. Unluckily, the government is not paying any attention towards the educational betterment and health improvement which are the rudimentary needful for a province. Apart from this, Baloch youths are deprived of the meat-and-potatoes opportunities for gaining a majestic education and most of the schools are broken where there isn’t any monumental facilities for the students.

The leadership in Balochistan claims that they will bring development in Balochistan. despite their in their all claims child Labour is increasing instead of decreasing, schools are annihilating in place of rebuilding, students are cheating instead of learning and the illiteracy rate is growing rapidly in place of elimination.

Moreover, in Balochistan the schools and colleges are being damaged and they also lack professors, lecturers, teachers even though some of the schools were destroyed before many years; still in same conditions due to the destruction of the schools more than 50000 thousands students are out of school and their dreams are being crushed out, because they are paupers and they don’t have money to take admission in private schools.

In Balochistan there are some rural areas where there isn’t any school for the children and they are being illiterate in this twenty first century and not aware of their basic rights. It really makes everyone sad that schools do not have chairs, course books, talented teachers, drinking water, electricity, fans, toilets and building walls, but the government is not taking any actions to solve their problems.on

On the other hand, in Balochistan there are many students in some villages who get educations without any school building. It is said that there are more than 25000 schools, unfortunately among them only 13000 schools are for girls. The government has to take a serious action about this issue and make the education system of Balochistan

                    Published in The Balochistan Point on August 25, 2016

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