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Turbat: Sit-in Protest Against Closure of Schools in Zamuran

Shoaib Durrazai

Quetta – Students of Zamuran area in Buleda Tehsil hold a Sit-in demonstration outside office of Deputy Commissioner Kech, on Friday.

Students are protesting against closure of schools due to non-availability of teachers in 7 Union councils of Zamuran locality.

Civil society also participated in the protest and expressed solidarity with students.

Teachers posted in schools of Zamuran are not locals and therefore they don’t perform duties in the remote regions which has resulted in closure of schools, learnt Balochistan Point.

Protestors lamented the educational emergency of Balochistan government and termed it a farce. “If schools in huge number are closed in home district of Dr. Malik Baloch then what moral authority he has to talk about educational emergency,” a protestor told Balochistan Point.

Following is the charter of demands by protestors:

  • All non-local teachers posted in schools of Zamuran should be transferred and replaced with local teachers.
  • Two additional posts should be created in every school to raise standard of education.
  • All schools in Zamuran should be upgraded.
  • There is no girl’s school in any Union Council of Zamuran and therefore Girl’s school should be immediately established in Zamuran.
  • Corrupt officers of education department, who take no action against absent teachers in Zamuran after receiving bribe, should be transferred and replaced with honest officers.

“We have held several meetings with government officers relating to this issue but they only stall the matter,” lamented the protestors. “We demand that Chief Minister Balochistan himself take action on our demands,” said the protestors.

Protestors have warned to prolong their protest if government of Balochistan did not take action on their demands.

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Published in The Balochistan Point on October 3, 2015

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