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Turbat: Traders Call on Deputy Commissioner to Justify Their Compulsions in Case of Strikes

Sami Parvez  

Turbat: Traders Association Turbat called on Deputy Commissioner Kech on Tuesday to discuss the issue of sealing   shops and share their compulsions in case of strikes in the area.

The purpose of meeting to DS by traders was to justify their position, when they shut their shops on last strike on 27 March, called by Baloch National Front (BNF).  

According to the traders, the Forces with the help of DC   Kech had tried to re-open the shops; nevertheless, they remained unable to follow them due to the security threats. It resulted sealing of their shops by the security forces.

 Traders Association of Turbat also pleaded to the nationalist’s parties to    cooperate with them understanding their financial concerns.     

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Published in The Balochistan Point on March 30, 2016

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