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UN Reaffirms Its Commitment To Development Of Balochistan

Adnan Aamir

Quetta – United Nations (UN) reaffirmed its commitment to contribute in development of Balochistan, in an orientation session held in Quetta on Monday.

Orientation session was conducted by United Nations Information Center (UNIC). Country head of UN in Pakistan, Mr. Vittorio Cammarota, presided over the session.

Chief guests at the event, who represented Balochistan government, were Mr. Abdul Rahim Ziaratwal provincial minister for information and Mr. Abdullah Jan Provincial Secretary for information.

Speaking at the occasion Mr. Ziaratwal said that Balochistan government requires the structural support of UN. “Balochistan government requires the support of UN in agriculture and livestock,” added Mr. Ziaratwal.

Mr. Cammarota delivered the welcome addressed and briefly described the UN and its inception. He evaded the question about accountability mechanisms in UN, asked by The Balochistan Point. However, he assured that all 19 agencies of UN working in Pakistan have stringent accountability mechanisms in place.

Representatives of different agencies of UN briefly described about the activities and responsibility of their respective agency in Pakistan.

In order to avoid duplication of activities, One UN program initiative has been started and Pakistan is one of 8 countries to join it, said the representatives of UN.

Representative of United Nations Education Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) elaborated the need to publish good stories coming out of Pakistan. “Bad stories make their own way out but good stories need to be pushed to the main stream,” argued the representative.

In the concluding session of the event there was a Questions and Answers session where participants asked questions from UN representatives.

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Published in The Balochistan Point on February 9, 2015

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