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UNHCR PAKISTAN: No changes to Afghan refugee school textbooks in Pakistan

ISLAMABAD: The UN refugee agency said Monday that there have been no changes to the textbooks currently used in refugee schools in Pakistan.

The education curriculum of Afghanistan is used in refugee schools in Pakistan. This helps prepare pupils for their reintegration into the schooling system in Afghanistan should they decide to return. Curricula from a refugee’s home-country are also used in other refugee situations around the world.

Over a number of decades, UNHCR has provided funding to cover the printing costs of school textbooks for Afghan refugees. No textbooks have been or will be distributed to schools in refugee villages containing any objectionable content.

UNHCR’s practice is to inform the government of Pakistan in advance of any potential changes relating to the education of Afghan refugee children. This will remain the case as we move forward in partnership with the government of Pakistan on issues relating to Afghan refugees in the country.

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Published in The Balochistan Point on January 24, 2018

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